Jerry Li

Jerry Li, BA English Concentration in Professional and Technical Writing  SJSU 17'

San Jose State University

Technical Writing Projects

Reed Issue 150 Celebration Flyer

Logitech MX Master Review

Ted-style talk on S.E.O

  • Concise 5 to 6 minute presentation on S.E.O., search engine optimization and how to easily implement it for a website.

  • Link to PDF version of presentation:


Engineering 10 Projects

Engineering 10  Robotics Task Completion Project (May 6, 2014)

  • Led the programming team and designed the robot designer.

  • Planned, filmed, and edited video showcase.


Calhacks Hackathon 2014

  • Calhacks Hackathon 2014 (October 3, 2014 - October 5, 2014)

My team and I utilized the Web Speech API and Google Translate API from Google to create a real time language translation web application. This application transcribed voice from device microphone into text, then translate the text in to the target language. Finally into audio recording of the target language.

Irvington High School

Inter High Anime Nexus